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Giving Back for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Giving Back for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month | Euro-American Homecare

At a time when Bill Gates just committed to donating $100 million to Alzheimer Research, we can’t help but think what we can do on our end to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s, a disease that affects so many of our clients and even caregivers as they grow older. Despite the fact that it seems like we may be far from finding cures to everything from Alzheimer’s and dementia, to cancer, thanks to countless nonprofits and associations work each day to provide education, awareness, and of course, raise funds for research towards finding a cure.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and in honor of Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, here are a few ways to give back and support a cause that affects so many seniors, caregivers and families each and every day.

Alone, you can make moves, but together we can move mountains.

Clinical Trials

If you’re ever wondering how exactly advancements can be made in finding a cure,  it’s through clinical trials and participants that help make the trials possible. Whenever a new drug or treatment option is cleared for clinical trials, it is allowed to be tested on individuals who meet requirements who are seen as good candidates for the treatment. Bill Gates speaks about this on his own blog titled, “Why I’m Digging Deep Into Alzheimer’s”. The quicker we can get more people cleared for the trials, the faster newer options can become available for use. If you can, try doing some research on who would be a good fit and motivate those around you to participate.



Every year, different organizations and social clubs raise money, from hundreds to thousands of dollars, that go towards the Alzheimer’s Association. Here are some fun ideas:

  • You can host one yourself just by getting together friends and family and have a wine and cheese party where each attendee invites their own friends at work and family to donate a few dollars and. You can even ask for your local grocer to donate the cheese and wine for the event as a form of a donation for your event, which you can mention to the organization once you send them the check.
  • You can sell lunches to anyone you know, including friends, family, and your client’s grandchildren and their friends! What you would do is email everyone and let them know that you’ll be delivering lunches for $10 or more as a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association. You can spend the day preparing the lunches with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, make homemade cookies, grapes or fruit slices, and anything else you can make together!
  • Have a card night! Invite all you and your loved one’s friends and relatives over to play some games, and charge a small fee for “admission”. This is a simple way to make the most out of a favorite hobby or pastime that you can involve your friends in a really meaningful way.


Take the Pledge and Walk!

One of the most popular ways to raise money for Alzheimer’s is by joining their annual Walks to End Alzheimer’s. It is hosted alongside 600 organizations nationwide, and brings together groups of people who are committed to donating and walking around parks, down their neighborhood streets – anywhere really, as a parade of people. Those who walk signal their dedication to finding a cure. Any walk is extremely memorable for those who participate, so when you have a chance, check out the Alzheimer Association’s website to learn more and find a walk where you can join with your client or loved one!


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