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Are you looking for an independent care provider?

Our referral service is a safe way to find one
  • 30 years of providing independent caregivers in CT
  • Safe and trustworthy source of providing an independent caregiver
  • Comprehensive 10-step background check
6 years experince
Middletown, CT
Employee of the agency
$ 19-24 / hr
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23 years of experience
Ellington, CT
Independent care provider
$ 19-24 / hr
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10 years experience
West Hartford, CT
Independent care provider
$ 19-24 / hr
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We hold all the required licenses and registrations with the following government entities

We are also affiliated with multiple government organizations

Benefits of getting an independent care provider directly by using our Referral Service

Live-in caregiver cost
for a day
Employee Based
Live-in caregiver cost
for a day
Live-in caregiver cost
for a day

Ability to negotiate rate

Cost effective

Occupational Accidental Insurance in case of Catastrophic events

Pre drafted terms of service with a caregiver

Comprehensive background check which includes criminal background check, work history verification and much more

Permanent Caregiver replacement

Temporary caregiver replacement

Personal Placement Consultant

24/7 Emergency Support & Assistance

Hire a caregiver directly

How does our registry work?

All registries are not the same and here is how we work
In person commitment free meeting with a placement consultant
We will meet at the convenient for you time to discuss your loved one's needs Due to COVID-19 we are currently not providing in-person meetings. Instead our placement consultant will schedule a digital meeting, via Skype or Zoom, to discuss services.
Profiles of pre-qualified independent care provider for your review
The profiles include experience, skills and other attributes. We will provide you with references of each independent care provider
Commitment free introduction with chosen by you independent care provider
In person as well as virtual meetings such as Skype and Zoom are available for your convenience
Flexible service rate
You will be able to negotiate the best rate directly with the independent care provider
24/7 emergency assistance
We provide 24/7 ongoing support in the event of the emergency
Hire a caregiver directly

Our comprehensive background check for independent care providers includes

In person prequalification meeting with a placement consultant
Criminal court search which includes: State and Federal, felony and misdemeanor search
Previous employment history verification
Department of correction database search
Traffic tickets and infraction check
Personal and professional references verification
Criminal/Motor vehicle court disposition check
Social trace check
National sex offender registry check
Certification verification

Looking for an independent care provider in CT?

How confident are you that..?
  • Caregiver has sufficient experience
  • Caregiver went through a criminal background check
  • Caregiver is insured and bonded
  • You asked all the right questions not to overpay
  • You selected the best possible provider for your budget
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Did you know that out of 1500 providers in CT only 500 are licensed by the State?

Due to a rapidly growing rate of misleading and unethical providers in the home-care industry you need to protect yourself now more than ever.

Do you want to know how?

I want to know

Protect yourself!

Get a comprehensive list of questions to ask a home care provider prior to selecting one

  • Are you an employee based agency, registry or placement agency?
  • Do you offer 24/7 assistance in case of an emergency?
  • Are you licensed with department of Labor/Department of Consumer Protection?

more important questions and proof you should seek out!

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Get the full list of questions
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