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The Dementia Experience

The Dementia Experience | Euro-American Connections & Homecare
Is your caregiver well versed in dealing with your loved ones that are suffering from Dementia?

At Euro American Homecare – we take pride in what we do. We recently provided a “Walk In Their Shoes” Dementia training. It was held by Rebecca Boucher who is a certified Social Worker and Reflections Director at The Residence at South Windsor Farms. This was a virtual reality training of what a Dementia patient struggles with on a daily basis.
Here are some of the responses from our caregivers after the training:

Mary C: “ After experiencing this training, I learned to talk slower, to be closer and in front of my clients, so they will be able to see me. This training gave me the opportunity to FEEL what they’re going through.”

Khurshida K: “ After this training, I understand that I have to give my Dementia client the freedom of choice. I learned about the effects certain colors have on the Dementia patient. For example, the color black tends to bring fear in the client and that yellow and red colors increase appetite.”

Kamila K: “ I learned to turn the volume of the TV all the way down when I want to speak to my client. I am now able to be more understanding of my client and Dementia.”

Irena L: “ I have learned that Dementia clients have a hearing deficiency. I need to be more patient with them. This training has helped me a lot in working with Dementia clients and understand their behavior.”
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