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How to Include Your Loved One When Choosing Homecare Options

How to Include Your Loved One When Choosing Homecare Options | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

There comes a time when we all need a helping hand to make sure that our loved ones are cared for day and night. However, the most overlooked factor when making decisions to seek homecare or hospice is making sure your loved one’s emotional health will be catered to.

Making the decision about a loved one’s future is extremely difficult. You will need to decide where your loved one will live, who they will interact with each day and so much more. While you may think you’re making the right decision, each move you make will dictate if and how your loved one will get the opportunity to live out their wishes, their dreams and find true joy in their golden years rather than feeling like a burden.

Here are some tips on how to really be there for your loved one as you go through this process together!

The earlier you make plans, the better

Who would I choose? What would I want beyond just physical care and help around the house? Would I get along with whoever my caregiver or nurse is? If you were to predict where and when you would need homecare or assisted living in some shape or form down the road, I’m sure there will be tough questions to answer. Since certain conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s may severely impair your loved one’s ability to make their own decisions over time, the earlier you have conversations about the next steps the better. This will ensure that your loved one will take part in the decision and empower them to seize their own future.

Put yourself in your loved one’s shoes

If you had a choice to really embrace your golden years, what would you want to do? I’m sure your bucket list wouldn’t include spending sitting alone with no one to talk to, or hearing about medications and doctor’s appointments all day. Something we would do, rather, is asking that our caregiver take us out to our garden to plant flowers together. We’d also request that we fit in time for nights out on the town. These are the sorts of things that we all live for; activities that make us feel special. Activities that bring us closer to people and that bring us peace.

Once you find a caregiver for your loved one, don’t let go

One of the biggest problems families and clients experience after finding a perfect caregiver or solution for homecare is that families find themselves spending less and less time visiting and interacting with their loved ones. While many clients of mine truly enjoy the company and friendship they share with their caregivers, we often hear that they do not hear or see their children or grandchildren as often as they’d like. Losing that vital contact oftentimes contributes to depression in the elderly.



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