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5 Nostalgic Activities to Stop Long-Term Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s Patients

5 Nostalgic Activities to Stop Long-Term Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s Patients | Euro-American Homecare

Although the first sign and most typical symptom of Alzheimer’s and dementia is short-term memory loss, it eventually affects an individual’s long-term memory, which is different! These are memories or thoughts that you remember for longer than a day or two.
As a caregiver or family caregiver, it’s crucial that you engage them in activities that will jog their memory and engage the brain!

Classic Movies

There’s nothing better than watching an old movie you grew up with, or one that features your favorite Hollywood stars from the past. You’d be surprised with how many memories, fun facts and even specific dates in time watching a movie can bring back. Ask your loved one about their all-time favorite movies and look them up on Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go! They have so many available! If not, check out your local library for an even bigger selection.

Make a life board!

Another great idea is to create a “life board”. Similar to a “dream board”, a life board is a collage of old photos and mementos from your past. Chances are your loved one keeps a special box of old greeting cards, airline tickets and family photo albums that you can incorporate into a beautiful “life board”. Once you’re finished, post the board in their living room or in their bedroom for a truly personal touch!

Host a trivia night!

Some famous game shows like Jeopardy! have been airing on television since the mid-1960s, which made the genre a family favorite in millions of households across the country. Many of these shows offer viewers the chance to participate in guessing the answers to trivia questions on almost any topic, which will give your brain a nice workout. Not only are these programs extremely engaging, but comical to say the least. Here are some of our favorites!

Get musical!

Just as movies and favorite TV shows from the past can bring up the smallest, yet meaningful memories, you can also do so by getting a few CD’s and playing music around their house! Pandora and Spotify also offer amazing playlists and radio stations that feature songs from every generation, in every style you can imagine! This will be particularly meaningful if your loved one or client loves to sing.

Once you’re ready to try out any of these great activities, make sure you coordinate with your loved one’s family and friends, especially their grandchildren! There’s no better way to bring back cherished memories than getting the family involved.


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