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7 Great Gift Ideas for Seniors Living with Alzheimer’s

7 Great Gift Ideas for Seniors Living with Alzheimer’s | Euro-American Homecare

Finding a great gift that’s practical enough for a senior living with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be difficult. Check out these gift Ideas for seniors that are sure to be a hit with your client or loved one!

Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera

Fast, fun and not to mention adorable, Fujifilm instant cameras make any family gathering big or small worth documenting. The camera is a very popular gift idea for teens at the moment, but your loved one will especially appreciate having a camera that will instantly print out mini Polaroid-style photos to keep around the house and share with friends! Find one in their favorite color here at!

gift Ideas for seniors


Remember back in the day when you’d be called up to the chalkboard at school or had fun drawing on the sidewalks with chalk? Getting your client a chalkboard and fun set of chalk can spark their creativity and can also work as a “to-do” list or grocery list you can work on together each week. What’s great is that this is a super versatile gift that can work as a both a crafts project or helpful tool to organize your days together! Find a few options here!

gift Ideas for seniors

Easy-to-Use Dementia Radio

For any client that loves listening to the radio, this dementia-friendly radio is super easy to use as it only has two buttons! It’s even able to store music in case you’d like to download songs for your client or loved one to play back easily.

Vintage Record Player

Since record players are back in style, give the gift of music to your loved one this year. Although many seniors still hold onto their favorite records, it’s become super popular among younger generations, too! Music can bring back vivid memories among seniors with Alzheimer’s. Help them bring their favorite hits back to life with this “throwback” gift idea that you can find here!

gift Ideas for seniors

Digital Photo Frame

On another note, if you have a good relationship with your client’s family, chances are they have access to countless photos of your loved one from the past, as well as thousands of recent photos of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, so for a client with Alzheimer’s, this gift will surely become their new favorite thing.  Check out a wide variety on Amazon here!

gift Ideas for seniors

Amazon Echo Dot

The Dot, which basically works like Siri if you have an iPhone is such a great tool for busy individuals who need questions answered quickly, and acts as a personal assistant! Your client can ask it questions such as, what will the weather be like today? Or, can you order me a pizza? What’s great is that these artificial intelligence-sourced tools are great for keeping seniors occupied and have a conversation! Buy it on Amazon here!

gift Ideas for seniors

Oil Diffuser and Essential Oil Set

This cute little diffuser is perfect if your client has trouble focusing or needs help falling asleep, and so much more! Various essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, orange and more have various calming and mind-boosting properties, so whether you put them in a bath or oil diffuser like this one, this is the perfect gift idea for your client or loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s.

gift Ideas for seniors


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