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How To Avoid Putting Your Loved One in Danger When Seeking a Homecare Provider

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
How To Avoid Putting Your Loved One in Danger When Seeking a Homecare Provider

You wouldn’t let a stranger into your home, right? What about a caregiver without a criminal background check? As the need for homecare services rises each year, it’s critical that you seek out the red flags when evaluating each agency. Although cost plays a major role in hiring a caregiver, thousands of families fall victim to theft, abuse and worse by working with unethical homecare agencies or hiring a caregiver directly. As you assess your options, use this guideline to protect yourself.

Ask the right questions

When meeting with an agency or registry, be sure you ask the right questions and receive proof in the form of a formal document. For example, ask if they carry a bond. Ask if the agency trains its caregivers. Ask if they do criminal background checks and what it consists of. For more questions, call us!

Where’s the proof

Don’t take the agency’s word for it and question everything. For example, if the agency claims they have workman’s comp coverage, ask for a copy of the certificate of insurance and the declaration page. This is a very important document. If you want to find out why, and for more examples of proof you should ask for, call us!

Look for unbiased client testimonials

Before you narrow down your top agencies, don’t trust the agency’s testimonials on their website and marketing tactics. Check unbiased sources for reviews such as Google. Also look to third-party screening companies like Home Care Pulse. Their team provides agencies like ours access to unbiased ratings and feedback from our clients and caregivers. Call us for our recent report!

Don’t trust an agency without making it a priority to investigate it on your own. Know the right questions to ask, seek out the proof, as the work you do now will lead you to a long, fulfilling relationship with the homecare agency your loved one deserves.


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