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5 Location Devices for Clients with Alzheimer’s

5 Location Devices for Clients with Alzheimer’s | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

If you’re worried about your loved one or client wandering at night or when unaccompanied, know that it can become even more frequent in patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia. For a caregiver, this can lead to sleepless nights, anxiety and fear of leaving your client alone at any given time. There are however many new technologies that can help! GPS tracking location devices are just one type.

Here are 5 devices you can look into purchasing for your client or recommend to your client’s family!

  1. GPS Smart Sole: This device fits into shoes, and can allow caregivers to track their client from a smartphone, tablet or web browser. The shoe has GPS technology and tracks reports of where you client has been in the home, and can allow you set up a safe area in which they’d prefer they walk, and that would alert you if they walked outside the area.
  2. iTraq: This device can be used to track anything from keys and luggage, to people! It is paired with a smartphone app, and even has a motion sensor in case the object or person is falling. It can even send updates of your client’s whereabouts via text to their immediate family when requested!
  3. AngelSenseThis device attaches to clients’ clothing and tracks every step. It can only be removed by the caregiver, and provides a timeline of their locations, routes and even speed! It will send alerts if the client is in an unusual place or moving at an unusual pace. It also tracks audio, so you can communicate with your loved one in case of an emergency.
  4. PocketFinder: PocketFinder is a company that offers many different tracking products. It fits into the palm of your hand, is very portable, and the battery lasts up to a week. The device is used with an app, and includes GPS, Cell ID and Google Wi-Fi Touch. It also includes an “SOS” button.
  5. Project Lifesaver: This product is a device worn around the ankle, which alerts caregivers and a special Project Lifesaver team that responds to unique situations in which a client wanders outside of the home, which can pose a huge risk to clients with Alzheimer’s. The team is usually on the spot in about 30 minutes, which when you think about it, is a wonderful resource to invest in!



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