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Know Your Options! Tips on Senior Transportation Benefits

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
Tips on Senior Transportation Benefits | Euro-American Homecare

senior getting into a cab with a caregiver

Say you can no longer drive, or have been relying on a single family member to take you to important appointments, the grocery store and your favorite hang-out spots. Here’s a list of helpful senior transportation benefits on how to save you and your family’s time and money on getting where you need to go.

So the next time you’d like to go shopping, see a movie, go to a doctor’s appointment, and even take a short road trip with a friend, be aware of these driving services catered to especially for you. Make senior transportation easier for you and your loved one’s priority today!

Volunteer-driver programs:

There are countless volunteers and good people out there that can offer you free rides to anything from important appointments to shopping trips at your local mall. Senior transportation has never been easier!

The Senior Corps Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

This program offers rides to doctor’s appointments free of charge.

Visit  for more information.

iTN America

Offers a special ride service membership to adults 60 and older and those with visual disabilities 24/7 transportation services for an annual cost of about $50, plus a mileage fee and $3 pick-up fee.

Drivers will personally escort you to their car and help with groceries, packages and anything you may need to take with you. Another interesting benefit iTN offers is the “Car Trade-In” program, which allows you to trade your car for a special voucher that will allow you to pay for your future rides. This program is tax deductible too- hello senior benefits!

Visit for more information and the Central Connecticut affiliate site at .

Government programs:

The government offers paratransit services such as “dial-a-ride”  that charge between $0.50 and $10 per ride, which is a great senior transportation option for your loved one and can be free if you cannot afford it.

Call the Area Agency on Aging at 800-677-1116 or visit for support and advice.

Homecare agency and private transportation services:

Oftentimes, health clinics, senior centers, adult day centers, malls, businesses and hospitals offer free senior transportation services. Look into your local Area Agency by calling 800-677-1116.

Ride in Sight is a national agency that can help you find free transportation to countless locations. Call them at 855-607-4337. They will be able to connect you with the appropriate that will make your life much easier!

Many of our caregivers at Euro-American Connections & Homecare drive our clients to and from appointments and everything from museums, parks and the latest attractions in your area. Consider this the next time you are looking into homecare for you or your loved one.

And in case of an emergency, keep a list of your friends and family with cars:

If a friend or family member is able to offer you a ride from time to time, be sure to put them on your list of potential drivers. This way if you are ever in need of a ride in an urgent situation and can’t rely on the same individual, you can refer to your other options for your senior transportation needs.

Not everyone in your family will have time or means to drive you to last-minute appointments or get-togethers, so getting to know their schedules ahead of time will help you find a ride quickly and without any extra effort.


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