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Caregiver Of The Month Of July

Caregiver Of The Month Of July | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Every month at Euro American Homecare, we highlight a caregiver that has done outstanding work with their clients. We would like to recognize Mavyluda Anakulova as our caregiver of the month for July.

Mavyluda started with English as her second language. She did a great job of learning to speak English so that she could communicate with her clients. Recently, she had a client who was struggling with depression and loneliness due to the loss of a partner. She made a diligent effort to find similarities between her and her client and was committed to spending valuable time helping her client through a very difficult time.

Her personal care was spectacular and she organized her client’s home to best suit her precise needs. Mavyluda encouraged her client to be more active. She has gone to lunch, beauty salons, and strolls in the park with this client. When she took a vacation, the client was getting anxious and couldn’t wait until Mavyluda came back. Her amazing ability to adapt to new situations and having strong compassion instilled the confidence in her client to keep fighting through the depression and take each day one at a time.

Thank you for your exemplary work, Mavyluda! We are proud to witness your unwavering commitment to your clients!


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