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5 Ways to Persuade Your Parents to Accept Homecare Assistance

5 Ways to Persuade Your Parents to Accept Homecare Assistance | Homecare 4 u

“How can I convince my parent that home care and hiring a caregiver is a good idea?”

We get this question a lot.

Sooner or later, your loved one may realize what they truly deserve: a future where they can stay at home and maintain their independence, and stay safe and engaged with the assistance of a loving caregiver.

Refusing home care and frankly, any sort of help around the home is something our clients often struggle with, but there are steps you can take that will help you become more self-aware about how you guide the conversation about homecare with your parent or loved one.

1) Practice empathy

Although you only want what’s best for your loved one, any discussion or mention of “help” or the word “caregiver” can be highly unpleasant at first thought to your senior parent. Make sure you put yourself in your loved one’s shoes and understand that!

2) Have patience

There’s nothing worse than someone trying to convince you of something you’re opposed to while ignoring exactly why and how you feel about it. Make sure you hear your parent out and listen to their objections to the idea of home care.

3) It will take time

Although it’s amazing that you are interested in providing your loved one with homecare services, it may take months, even a year, to get them comfortable with the idea.

4) Motivate them

Tell your parent that their life would be easier. That they could make a new friend for life. That they will still maintain their independence and that you will build a care plan with your agency to fit their unique needs. Chances are your parent needs that extra incentive to persuade them to consider home care.

5) Share success stories

It is likely that their close friend, sibling, or one of your family friends has already explored homecare and can give it a thumbs up. Offer to meet up with these individuals and ask to meet their caregivers! The more real-life examples of successful caregiver-client relationships you can offer, the more likely it is that they’ll consider it.


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