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The Importance of Independent Homecare Agency Reviews

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
The Importance of Independent Homecare Agency Reviews | Euro-American Homecare

Over the past few years we’ve had the pleasure of working with Homecare Pulse, an independent homecare screening company. Their team provides agencies like ours access to unbiased ratings and feedback from our clients and caregivers. They compare agencies nationwide by contacting our caregivers and clients, which is important, and provide us with results and rankings based on nationwide standards!

Caregiving is not just a job, but a lifestyle, and without the honest feedback from those with work with, we would not be able to improve our services and offer our caregivers sought-after benefits such as trainings.

Given this, we’d like to give our caregivers a peek behind the curtain, and show you some of our our results! We are a company built on trust earned by our clients and caregivers, and are so thankful for our partnership with Home Care Pulse. Overall, our mission is to make sure that any caregiver interested in this profession can look to independent reviews such as these, in addition to other unbiased reviews seen on Google, etc., in order to help them make the best decision

So, when evaluating new agencies, make sure you don’t trust an agency without making it a priority to investigate it on your own. Know the right questions to ask, seek out the proof, as the work you do now will lead you to a long, fulfilling relationship with an agency or registry.

Check out our Caregiver Engagement Score (CES )below compared to industry standards. Our score demonstrates high caregiver satisfaction based on the amount of caregivers who would promote or recommend our agency to another caregiver, rather than not recommending it at all, or staying passive.

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