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Congratulations to our October 2018 Caregiver of the Month, Naomi Harris!

October 2018 Caregiver of the Month, Naomi Harris | Euro-American Homecare

We are so proud to honor Naomi, an exceptional caregiver who has been with Euro American since 2001!

When asked what inspired her to pursue caregiving as a career, Naomi recalls the moment her godmother took sick many years ago. Rather than shying away from the responsibility, she and her family members each took turns taking care of her. Naomi fell in love with, which inspired her to want to take on caring for others.

It’s tough to pin down a favorite memory or experience she’s had given the many clients she’s worked with, but something Naomi enjoys doing more than anything is bringing some excitement to her clients’ live, whether it’s by going out for dinner, going shopping and especially going to the hairdresser. Her goal is to brighten their day.

Of course, when faced with a client with a serious health condition, such as Alzheimer’s, she always tells her fellow caregivers to 1) give them their space and 2) allow them to calm down .

In fact, she recalls a moment when her client, who was getting frustrated and needed space, later said to her, “I’m so sorry I’m glad you’re still here”.

On a daily basis, Naomi seeks out things her clients like to do, like playing cards and arranging puzzles. She always caters to whatever the client likes to do, she says. Naomi also allows her clients to help her with daily activities, like dusting, or drying the dishes, as long as they ask her if they could help out and the activity isn’t too strenuous. Splitting up various household chores is wonderful way to maintain a client’s independence.

When it comes to what Naomi likes to do when she’s not working, Naomi enjoys going to the beach, writing and of course, visiting her beautiful homeland of Jamaica.


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