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Natalia Petrachkevitch – August Caregiver of the Month

Natalia Petrachkevitch - August Caregiver of the Month | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Natalia has worked as a caregiver for almost ten years overall and has been with us at Euro-American Connections & Homecare for three years.

But before she began her career in New York, Natalia worked with children as a paraprofessional, after which she received her certification to work as a live-in caregiver.

Once she moved to Connecticut, she recalls her very first case. She and her client were a great match. They’d walk all around her neighborhood, and she’ll never forget how much she loved smelling the flowers and really experiencing her surroundings. It helped her cope with her dementia so much that it made her cry.

If there’s one thing Natalia recommends is a walk each day – at least! Her mission is to make her clients happy and is very careful to avoid conflict. She treats each day as a new opportunity to bond with her clients and makes their days brighter.

Natalia also loves giving her clients massages and exercising every day. In fact, she uses her iPad to look up videos of new workouts, sometimes for clients with specific diseases like Parkinson’s. She also likes to try new recipes, or make her specialty, Belarusian potato latkes, but most of all, abides by her own rule: always make your clients smile!

When she’s on a well-deserved vacation, Natalia visits her home country, Belarus every year to visit her father and godson. She also loves biking, ice skating, and trying new things.


Congratulations Natalia!


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