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Edina Tiwah – March’s Caregiver of the Month

Edina Tiwah - March's Caregiver of the Month | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Congratulations to Edina Tiwah, our Caregiver of the Month!

Originally from Ghana, Edina moved here in 2000. Her cousin, who had already lived here for several years introduced her to a career as a caregiver. She first lived in Maryland where she worked as a caregiver, and has now worked in Connecticut with our agency for over 10 years.

Edina’s passion for caregiving stems from her culture and how she grew up in a large family. In Ghana, it is very common for young children to look after their grandparents, and are usually part of multigenerational household.

Edina has been caring for her primary client for almost 10 years, so long that she is practically a part of his family! It just goes to show just how dedicated she is to her profession. But something that truly sets her apart is her patience. She likes to say that without patience, you cannot do this job.

But what does Edina do when she’s not working?

Despite being very committed to her client and dedicated to her job, Edina makes it a priority to travel back to Ghana and plans a trip every two years. Besides that, she loves to read.

When she’s with her client, Edina enjoys making use of the quality time they get to spend together to do things he enjoys most, such as listen to classical music on the radio! When it comes to making memories together, Edina and her client love to prepare home cooked meals.

Edina – the team at Euro-American thanks you for your hard work!



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