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Euro-American Connections & Homecare Honored As Employer of Choice by Homecare Pulse

Monday, March 5, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
Euro-American Connections & Homecare Honored As Employer of Choice by Homecare Pulse

We are thrilled to announce that our agency has been chosen by Home Care Pulse to receive the Best of Home Care Employer of Choice award, an incredible honor that we work hard to uphold with our agency’s dedicated caregivers and staff.

Home Care Pulse connects with reputable homecare agencies, their clients and employees across the United States to rank and evaluate the agency’s performance, and manage their satisfaction reports to find and honor “the best of the best” in the industry.

As an agency dedicated to the uniqueness of our caregivers, we cherish the fact that we can match our clients with these professional, highly motivated and experienced, one-in-a-million employees to brighten their days.

Throughout the years we’ve always appreciated and valued the referrals we get from clients, and that is because of our amazing caregivers who do such an amazing job and bring so much passion to the table.

According to Home Care Pulse, The Best of Home Care Employer of Choice Award is given to home care providers who receive the highest satisfaction scores from their current caregivers. These providers support and train their caregivers. Their caregiver satisfaction scores have earned them recognition as a top employer. This recognition gives you peace of mind, knowing your home care provider and your caregivers are dedicated to providing you the best in home care possible.”

Being honored by a trusted experts in the industry who take the time to assess our caregiver’s and client’s feedback about our services helps us connect with clients who are in need of exceptional care.

We are motivated to improve our agency and make it bigger and better every day to honor the trust we’ve earned amongst them and their families.

Here’s to a fantastic 2018, and bright, successful and rewarding year, from all of us at Euro-American to you and your family!

Maggie and The Team.


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