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Caregiver of the month – A Decade of Caring

Caregiver of the month - A Decade of Caring | Euro-American Homecare

When you lose an ability to perform simple tasks of your everyday life you become dependent on your close family and friends. In that difficult time of adjustment, people in care experience feelings of shame and burden which often results in refusal of care.

Then, a caregiver appears in your life. With the utmost respect and complete dedication, she commits her life to helping and making your life truly comfortable. Seeing you happy, makes this caregiver happy. You look back and realize that she has dedicated more than a decade of her life caring for you. A decade full of happiness and laughter, of some challenges and hard times. Over the years you have built an incredible bond where both of you of understand each other so well and the care you receive is so genuine that you wouldn’t change a thing.

This caregiver’s name is Krystyna who has been with Euro-American Homecare family since the time she began caring for Mr. Joseph back in 2007. Krystyna is a caregiver with an amazing outlook on life. “I enjoy caring for others and making life comfortable for my client. It makes me happy seeing that I make a difference in a person’s life,” says Krystyna. We have asked Krystyna to share an advice for other caregivers, “When you begin working as a caregiver, don’t think about the pay, concentrate on the care you will provide and the people you will care for. Even though pay is important aspect of this career, it’s not number one priority, client is.”

From all of us at Euro-American Homecare, we want to thank Krystyna for her outstanding dedication and years of genuine care provided to people in need. Join us in congratulating Krystyna for Caregiver of the Month Award!


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