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Professional Caregiver Interview Tips

Professional Caregiver Interview Tips | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

On Thursday, May 30th, we were honored to have Margaret Bawol, who received a Gerontological Certification from The American Nurses Credentialing – host a training session about Professional Caregiver Interview Tips for the caregivers at our offices in Berlin! This time we discussed the proper body language, key questions that their clients’ families might ask, attire, and demeanor that is required for a successful client/caregiver interview. Our caregivers found the training very informative and didn’t hesitate to ask any questions.

On June 20th at 10:30 am – We will invite caregivers for remarkable training, which will be taught by Rebecca Boucher who is a certified Social Worker and Reflections Director at The Residence at South Windsor Farms. Participants will be transported into the world of dementia that will allow them to experience firsthand their client’s struggles and hardships that dementia brings into their daily lives. This valuable experience is designed to help caregivers identify with and understand patient’s or loved one’s behaviors and needs. Call us to sign up or find out more!


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