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How Meditation Can Improve Senior Health

How Meditation Can Improve Senior Health | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s stress. Caregivers especially need to learn to balance their own stressors with the concerns and end-of-life anxiety their clients have.

Whatever source stress comes from for you, techniques like meditation can help. The easiest way to introduce meditation to you and your loved one’s life is by setting aside just twenty minutes to sit on a soft surface in a calm, silent part of your home, and focus on one thing only: breathing.

Take it slowly, and soon, you’ll see the wonders it will do for you and your loved one’s mind, body and spirit!

Check out the four ways meditation can dramatically improve seniors’ well being and state of mind:

1) Boost brainpower

Think about it, when you meditate, you should be taking the time to take your mind off the things bringing you the most stress. On the other hand, it’s also a great moment that can boost your memory as you take a breather to collect your thoughts – even if you sit in silence for only twenty minutes!

2) Erase lifelong stress

The older you get, the more experiences you go through, both good and bad. Whether it’s a chronic illness, death in the family, disability…life is difficult. Seniors carry so much of this stress over time and oftentimes face severe end-of-life anxiety as well. Meditation can alleviate these factors as it allows you to mentally and physically breathe in, and shortly after, breathe out the stress.

3) Heal their digestive system

Since meditating is all about breathing correctly and slowly, it naturally eases the digestive system. Any meditation exercise improves circulation and oxygen intake, which helps the digestive organs detox a bit and take a break from painful cycles of IBS or IBD symptoms your loved one may suffer from. It can also help them build up a better appetite in the meantime.

4) Cure depression

Meditation can really calm you down, but it also stimulates the prefrontal cortex region of the brain, the “happy” region, which is one of the areas in the body that carries endorphins! As much as exercise can be a great mood booster, great power lies in taking the time to sit still and breathe deeply to relieve stress through reflection and let in happier thoughts.



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