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5 Unique Ways to Help Your Client with Spring Cleaning

5 Unique Ways to Help Your Client with Spring Cleaning | Euro-American Connections

If you haven’t noticed yet, keeping a clean, organized home is trending! Thanks to influencers like Marie Kondo, also known as the “queen of tidy” and “sparking joy”, Americans everywhere are making time to declutter their messy homes, their workspaces, and reaping the benefits of it in their personal and professional lives.

On her show, Marie shares countless tips and wisdom on how to maintain a clean, tidy, and organized home. But her mission is to totally transform her clients’ and fans’ lives by achieving mental clarity, and by encouraging them to get rid of things that don’t “spark joy”.

In honor of Marie, we’ve put together a few tips on decluttering and starting on spring cleaning.

Start Small

As we age, we tend to collect many things over the years that end up as clutter in our closets. Find a way to organize each type of item, whether it’s cleaning supplies, winter clothes, old cards/notes, and more! Use boxes of various sizes that will help your client remember what goes where.

Bring Your Furniture Back to Life

From dust to body oil, our furniture can carry countless germs and bacteria that settle in and damage it over time. Thankfully, there are countless fabric shampoos and leather cleaners that can gently clean almost any surface you need. Just make sure you spot test any new product to prevent stains and changes to the color of the upholstery.

Kitchen Keep-Up

We tend to spend the most time in our kitchen than any other room in the house, but don’t forget that besides cleaning up after enjoying a meal, it needs much more attention – starting with the refrigerator that stores bacteria and develops harmful mold over time. Be sure to give each shelf and unit in your fridge a good scrub, and to clean out the vents in the back with a long brush to prevent it from overheating.

Carpets and Floors

Seniors can be especially sensitive to dust and allergens found on our floors and carpets as they can contribute to serious respiratory problems. If you have hardwood or tile floors, vacuum first, and then follow up with an all-purpose floor cleaner with a moist mop. Finally, once the floor is dry, go over it with a sealer or gloss that will leave it shiny and protected. If the home is carpeted, save yourself time and effort and contact a carpet cleaning company that will both vacuum and deep-clean the carpets.

Get The Team Together

Spring cleaning isn’t the most entertaining activity out there, so if your client has family and friends living close-by, ask them to come over this weekend to help out!



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