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4 Easy Ways to Boost Daily Productivity and Positivity

4 Easy Ways to Boost Daily Productivity and Positivity | Euro-American Connections

Establishing a routine can be very difficult for a busy caregiver. Just when you get comfortable or get a sense of, ‘Wow, I got this!’ things can change in an instant. Life, as expected, ends up throwing you many unexpected challenges.
Whether it be taking on another client, keeping up with your client’s updated medication schedule, not to mention juggling your personal life and relationship, there’s no doubt it can lead to a loss of a “normal” daily routine.

Yet no matter how many responsibilities end up piling up on your plate on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, know that the way you begin and end your day can help you organize and prioritize your to-do’s. The important thing is to understand what your personal organizational style is and then stick to it.

Here are some useful tips on how to break down your dreaded “busy day” and stay level headed in the process.

1) Begin your day with good energy, not stress … take it slow!

Begin waking up earlier than you normally do and avoid hitting that snooze button. By sticking to a constant sleep schedule, which means getting up at the same time every morning, and going to sleep at the same time each night, you will tune in to your body’s optimal circadian rhythm, stay energized and sustain your energy throughout the day.

2) Keep two separate monthly planners, a personal one, and one dedicated to your clients.

The most important thing you can do when faced with busy days, weeks, and months is to put it down on paper, which allows you to visualize what you need to get done, and what can be prioritized or simply done at any point in time during the day. Whenever you complete a task, put a checkmark beside it and note the feeling of accomplishment. Too often we rush through our day and don’t pat ourselves on a back for a job well done. By keeping track of your daily to-do’s and crossing them off, you will have a visual “roadmap” of how much you’ve achieved!

3) Keep a journal to document your feelings

Caregiving can be extremely rewarding, but if you’re not careful about managing your stress levels, it can take a toll on your emotional wellbeing, not to mention physical health. In addition to your planner and to-do lists, keep a private journal to help you vent and reflect on your emotions.

4) Pick a favorite activity to help you shake off the most stressful parts of your day.

Personally, we’re all fans of taking dance or stretch breaks in the office to lighten the mood and get out of any sort of funk we’re feeling. The next time you’re in a negative headspace, blast some music and encourage your client to dance along or even sing with you. Even doing something as simple as calling a close friend during your lunch hours can help break up the negative energy you’re experiencing. Just remember, no feeling is ever permanent.



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