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Our Caregiver Empowerment Game Plan for April!

Our Caregiver Empowerment Game Plan for April! | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Caregiving requires a lot of strength, resilience, and flexibility! So, as we head into April, a month in which we await the beautiful spring weather, take advantage of every single day to recharge and refresh your approach to caregiving so you can be the best you can be for your client.

Here is a rundown of goals to help you through it!

Sunday – Recharge

When is the last time you cleared your mind of your worries, responsibilities, and not to mention that endless to-do list? Despite having so much technology and information at our fingertips, it seems like we’ve gotten busier because of it. Social media can especially suck up the time you should be reserving for self care. So, take the time on Sundays to turn off your phone and electronic devices and live in the moment. The less tempted you are to check your work email or missed calls, the easier it’ll be to clear your mind and truly relax.

Monday – Caregiver Bootcamp

There’s no better way to conquer your Monday than a good training session, and by this, we mean hitting the books! Try finding a few books on health and nutrition at your local library, or surfing the web for an article on the best ways nurses and caregivers use natural remedies to help their clients soothe pain, muscle aches, headaches, and much more! You might even learn something new from a different culture that you can share with your client!

Tuesday – Refresh

If you’ve lost touch with a friend or family member since you started a busy new assignment, don’t forget to catch up with them from time to time. Caring about your job is one thing, but caring about your relationships is far more important in the long run. Try giving a friend a call via Facetime where you could introduce them to your client! At the end of the day, it’s best to give them insight into the great responsibilities you have as a caregiver so they respect the special time you do spend together.

Wednesday – Workout Wednesday

Hump days are all about getting over the peak of the week, so try to incorporate a workout that will get your heart pumping to help relieve any stress you’ve been carrying so far. A workout of any kind can do wonders for not only your health but a state of mind. It’s easy to get carried away by work, but don’t forget about setting aside at least two hours to work out each week.

Thursday – Go Outside of Your Comfort Zone

There’s no better day to let loose and enjoy a long day of bike riding or spending the night out on the town. If you’re on assignment, you could even try to do go out with your client! Whether it be joining a paint night at your local cafe, or treating yourself to a nice gift while out shopping, don’t forget about the importance of “me time” as a caregiver.

Friday – Detox

Try to incorporate detox into your routine at the end of each week to escape from reality for a bit. Anything from a spa-like detox like a long bath or facial, or something as simple as curling up with a good book and losing yourself in a story. Fridays are for doing whatever makes you happiest, which will make you a happier caregiver.


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