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5 Key Advantages of Choosing Home Care for Seniors

5 Key Advantages of Choosing Home Care for Seniors | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Deciding on a care option for your aging loved one can be overwhelming and extremely difficult, especially given the growing number of options out there.

Yet for many families, home care is seen as the most flexible, affordable, and effective form of senior care. Aging in place is a human right, and although the list could go on and on, we’ve outlined six key benefits of home care that really make all the difference.

Whether you are a current client or know someone currently debating the best solution for their loved one, we hope this helps!

Personalized Care

Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities to adhere to strict schedules and routines. If you’re looking for flexibility, homecare allows you to customize a care plan for your loved one and collaborate with your caregiver to fit their needs and overall lifestyle. By adapting to our clients’ needs and mapping out a customized care plan, Euro-American Connections & Homecare provides value, flexibility and joy for our clients, which goes a long way.

Comfort and Happiness

The first key benefit of home care is that it doesn’t require your loved one to change their ways. They can remain in their home, sleep in their own bed, enjoy a cup of tea in their favorite armchair on the porch, and do the things that make them who they are!

Rest and Recovery

Research shows that maintaining familiarity with one’s daily surroundings can help seniors cope with the effects of dementia. Also, patients recovering from surgeries and illnesses can recover faster and more successfully at home, rather than in a hospital or nursing home or hospice setting. Not to mention, they are way less susceptible to being exposed to harmful germs in a medical facility if they rest and recover at home.

It’s Cost Effective!

When it comes to comparing costs, home care offers far more flexibility for adult children looking for the most effective and budget-friendly way to keep their parents at home. Many caregivers can be hired on a part-time or hourly basis, or full time as live-in caregivers. For individuals that need assistance on a part-time basis, the cost of home care can be significantly lower than a residential nursing facility. What’s great is that long-term care insurance plans can help cover the costs of home care depending on the plan, so make sure you look into this not just for your loved one, but for yourself as well!


Our caregivers at Euro-American are super passionate about making sure their level of care, attention to detail, and compassion go a long way. For us, and for our caregivers, making sure our clients feel special is our only goal. The downside of a residential facility is that they are often understaffed, which means that your loved one will have sporadic interactions with different nurses, aides, and caregivers each and every day. This can lead to very serious neglect, and result in feelings of isolation, rapid decline in overall health, illness, and even death.


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