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10 Digital Resources for Caregivers

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
10 Digital Resources for Caregivers | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Technology is one of the key ways you can improve your lifestyle and productivity as a caregiver, and ultimately, your client as well. Check out the below resources for caregivers that can use to make life easier, and more fun!

Google Home Hub

This device acts like your personal assistant, which we all need, especially busy caregivers. Use the Hub at your home or even your client’s home to check the weather, ask Google questions, set reminders, and track your calendars, play music, and even play YouTube videos. There are a few other similar devices, like the Facebook Portal which we reviewed below, out there! Check them out here!

Facebook Portal

Although similar to the Google Home Hub, the Facebook Portal lets you video call anyone you like, even relatives overseas! So, if you or your loved one or client has a family that lives far away, you can definitely make great use of this. The best part about the Portal is that if you move during a call, the call follows you, so you can even call friends and family while cooking, cleaning, organizing laundry, which makes this hands-free device so perfect. Buy it online here!


Just charge it and you’re ready to go! Chances are you’ve heard of the FitBit, a device that tracks your steps, heart rate, and even your sleep! The best part about a device like this is that it connects to an app that’ll give you great insight into your health each day.

It’s even helped in research studies at various universities and hospitals across the nation.

Garmin Speak

Having to use your phone as a GPS while driving can be very dangerous. Thankfully, there’s a new device called the Garmin Speak that works with Amazon’s Alexa and is completely hands-free and has no screen, so you can focus on your driving while interacting with the device as you would during a Bluetooth call. You can ask Alexa for the weather, news, music and more, and has a built-in camera that warns you of oncoming traffic and lane departure alerts.

The World’s Smallest Portable Speaker

This cute device from Insio is the ultimate travel-friendly speaker that connects via Bluetooth to your phone or favorite mobile device. Music is often a caregiver’s best friend, as it lets you do easy workouts with your client, play old songs that will trigger amazing memories and more. So having a device you can take with you everywhere, the car, on picnics, before and after doctor’s appointments, while cooking dinner, and even during bathtime, will make this year even more exciting.
Check it out here!


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