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5 Ways to Create a Safe Senior Bathroom

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
safe senior bathroom

We can’t stress how liberating it is to allow your loved one to stay at home and work with a caregiver. It allows them to maintain their independence, and so much more. Yet many older houses aren’t as senior-friendly as they could be, especially their bathrooms!

As a caregiver or adult child of a senior who is living at home, consider the following tips to make a few changes. The smallest of details, such as whether a door has a lever or door knob, can make a world of a difference to a senior living and getting around their own home.

1. Widen your doorways

Narrow doorways can seriously slow a senior down, especially if living home alone and use of a walker or even wheelchair. Rather than 30 inches wide, persuade your client or loved one to widen their doors to at least 36 inches. It’ll make their lives much easier.


2.Use lever-style handles

Door knobs aren’t the easiest, most ergonomic ways to open a door. Seniors with arthritis or Parkinson’s disease have a tough time opening rounded knobs. So, install a lever they can push down on to easily open doors!


3. Install a sit-in tub or roll-in shower

Depending on their preference and your budget, these tubs and showers are amazing for seniors that can no longer stand on their own and require the use of a wheelchair, or for those who would rather sit than lie down to enjoy a hot bath. This is also one of the most dangerous moments in a senior’s day, so make sure you consider either option to prevent slips and falls, and most of all, help them stay comfortable and relax during the process.


4. Raise their toilet!

Make sure their toilet is almost three inches higher than standard toilets. Around the toilet, make life easier by installing a holder that allows you to slide the roll on and off easily. Add a motion-sensor night light by the toilet to make it easy to use at night.


5. Reduce risk of slips and falls

Look to the floor in the bathroom first. Remove loose rugs or bathmats, and if you can, purchase double sided tape to firmly attach it to the floor. If the bathroom has beautiful marble floors or tile floor, chances are they can prove extremely dangerous when wet. Install floor strips in the shower and floor, spray a slip-resistant product that is safe and won’t change the look of it. Use your best judgement!


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