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5 Ways to Care for the Caregiver in Your Life

5 Ways to Care for the Caregiver in Your Life | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Caregivers go by many names. Superhero, fairy godmother, guardian angel, the list goes on. Yet they hardly get the credit they deserve. Here are just a few ways that you can show the caregiver in your life appreciation, and grant serenity and peace of mind by doing just a few little things.

1) Pay them a visit, both planned and unexpected

Caregivers are used to spending long hours with their clients, or your loved ones. Despite their vacation days and well deserved breaks, however, it can can very difficult for them to express that they feel exhausted, that they haven’t had time to socialize with anyone, and especially if they are experiencing symptoms of depression. By visiting your loved one’s caregiver, or a friend that is a caregiver, or even your colleague if you’re a caregiver yourself, will alleviate their stress and allow them to vent to a third party. This will also give you a chance, if the caregiver is caring for a family member, to spend time with your loved one and recognize any changes in behavior or health.

2) Send a grocery card

Nowadays, there are multiple websites, apps and grocery stores that offer grocery delivery services. Something like this could save a busy caregiver valuable time shopping for themselves and even their client, as the client may need something last minute from time to time. A little gift like this can go a long way. Visit websites like Peapod and Instacart to learn more.

3) Send a handwritten thank you note

A text or email, and especially a Facebook post, might be a “nice have” when it comes to saying thank you. But, if you really want to go the extra mile to show you cherish and appreciate your caregiver, write them a handwritten thank you note.

4) Support their hobbies

Many of our caregivers enjoy doing amazing things, like traveling, writing, and even extreme sports! Show them that you value their self-care and “me time” and invest in gift cards, coupons or credits that they can apply to their favorite hobby. This will show that you care for who they are as a person, and value their passions outside of being a caregiver.

5) Don’t just offer help, be there for them

Oftentimes caregivers express their frustrations to their agency first before approaching their client’s family. Make sure you maintain good relations with your agency and offer to meet more often with your caregiver to check in on their work-life balance, emotional well-being and overall happiness. The more support their family can give, the more positive their relationship will be.


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