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Meredith Ames December’s Caregiver of the Month

Friday, December 14, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
Meredith Ames December's Caregiver of the Month | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Congratulations to our December Caregiver of the Month, Meredith Ames! We caught up with Meredith to get some insight on her experience as a caregiver, favorite memories with some of her clients, and what she likes to do outside of work.

Meredith has been a caregiver for seven years now, and has worked with EACH for two years. When asked why she pursued caregiving as a profession, Meredith says she’s simply always loved helping others, and that the elderly have a soft spot in her heart and truly enjoys their company.

She recalls her pleasant experience with her very first client, an older man who recently passed away that was one of the most charismatic and interesting people she’s ever met. She’d marvel at how many of his friends would travel far to visit him and how much love he had for others. What an example, what a life!

When asked what advice she’d give to new caregivers, Meredith, our caregiver of the month, says the best advice she could offer is don’t get frustrated, it’s not worth it!

Sometimes you just have to take deep breath and move on from a tough situation, especially when dealing with clients who just want to be understood! She mentioned that caregivers helping clients with dementia specifically need to let the person do what they need and be there to help and redirect their attention if they put themselves in a dangerous situation.

As a caregiver, you must realize that it’s not you, and that you shouldn’t take things too personally because you can’t always control these situations. Patience is key. If you have a conflict, take a deep breathe, and speak to them in a soft way.
Be accommodating!

When she’s not working, Meredith loves being outside, and loves gardening and doing yard work with her clients. When spending quality time with a client, Meredith says she embraces being a good listener because at the end of the day, all most clients need is a friend and someone to talk to.


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