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4 Healthy Ingredients Your Coffee Is Missing

Thursday, December 27, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
4 Healthy Ingredients Your Coffee Is Missing | Euro-American Homecare

You probably never start your day without some sort of caffeine, right? Well as much as we’d like to put coffee aside, it’s simply too difficult to kick this habit to the curb.

So, why not make the most of your daily cup of coffee and add several beneficial supplements, vitamins, and natural antioxidants and even protein to make it worth your while?


Cinnamon has one of the highest amounts of antioxidant content, making it a true superfood and spice. It’s also been used in medicines for thousands of years. It’s also been found in many studies that cinnamon can lower risk of cancer, boosts your immune system and protects your heart by lowering blood pressure.

Add ½ a teaspoon to your coffee every day to reap the benefits. Try investing in ceylon cinnamon, which is higher quality yet a bit more expensive. Cassia cinnamon is more commonly found and used, but isn’t as safe to consume in large quantities.



Ginger is another tasty antioxidant that is known for curing stomach pain and nausea given its anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help with lowering cholesterol, helps with digestion and muscle pain.

If you have powdered ginger, you can try adding it to your coffee. But if you’d rather go with the real stuff, first, crush or mince the raw ginger as you would a clove of garlic. Next, microplane or shave it down. Finally, add just a teaspoon to your coffee.

Tip: Freeze a few servings of ginger in advance so you can pop it into your java every morning.


Mushrooms and coffee? We agree it sounds a bit strange. Yet given the amazing health benefits of mushrooms, it’s become a very popular supplement that you can add to your daily cup of coffee. Mushrooms are rich in selenium, which strengthens the brain, and are also known to have anticancer effects due to studies done on mice. Mushrooms are also rich in antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting qualities.

To try, you can buy mushroom-infused coffee from brands like Four Sigmatic, or purchase organic mushroom powders at local health food stores.


Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant hat is known to aid in digestion and even help with depression. Although it might taste a bit funny, there are countless recipes for turmeric lattes out there you can try to boost your coffee each morning. Try this recipe, that also contains coconut milk and coconut oil, found on Paleo


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