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Euro-American’s Ultimate 2018 Senior Gift Guide!

Saturday, December 8, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
Euro-American’s Ultimate 2018 Senior Gift Guide! | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

It’s finally here. The season of giving (and receiving!) Of course, finding the right gift for anyone you love can be difficult.

Although we all love a nice monogrammed mug, your loved one has probably gotten their fair share of “I Love Mom” or “Best Grandma Ever”- labeled trinkets.

So, avoid cliche gifts this year, and surprise your grandparents, great-grandparents and any senior with one or more or these great gift ideas that are sure to blow them away!

1) Google Home Hub

Now, you’ve probably seen many commercials for this and other similar devices, but the Google Home Hub is definitely the ULTIMATE gift of the year for your senior loved one. If you aren’t familiar, this device works as both a tablet and video-conferencing tool that can allow your loved one to Skype anyone they’d like, allowing their family to see what they’re doing in the moment! Other devices like the Facebook Portal can even follow your loved one around while they video-chat you – how cool!

2) Personalized Necklace

The beauty of getting grandma this gift is that you can engrave it with whatever message, birth date, or initials you want! Hopefully this will be something she will treasure forever!

3) A “Grandparent’ Journal

Ever been in a situation that you always tell your kids (or your grandkids) about? If the loved one in your life loves to write letters, journal, jots things down, or talks about your family memories constantly, consider getting them this lovely journal where they can record all of it!

4) Custom Family Tree

This gift is perfect for the most senior person in your family, and definitely something everyone wishes they had but never had time to make or order! This beautiful family tree print from Minted can be framed and designed as you like and features the names of each family member.

5) Matching Pajamas

If your family likes to take lots of photos for Facebook, get yourselves a set of matching PJ’s and surprise your loved one with a set! The minute you guys get together for the holidays, coordinate a photo together for lasting memories.

6) Heated Massage Chair

This massage chair pad is not only portable and easy to use, but even has a heat setting that will take your daily, at-home massage to another level. Perfect for seniors that struggle with back pain, this chair can also be laid flat onto a bed, and gives them the options to massage their full back, or problem areas like the lower or upper back by the neck and shoulders.

7) “Secret Recipe” Kitchen Towel

Now, we absolutely love this idea! Perfect for the loved one that’s considered the “chef” of the family, this kitchen or “tea” towel from Etsy can be customized with your senior loved one’s famous recipe.


8) Scratch-Off World Map

This gift is perfect for the world-traveler in your life who’s been to far more countries that you can count on your fingers. This scratch-off world map offers up a great sensory experience as it requires the owner to scratch off the country they’ve visited, which reveals a unique color!

9) Custom Bobblehead Figures

Now this is a great gift for not just your loved one, but also your loved one’s caregiver! This custom bobblehead artist takes photos you send in and creates incredibly realistic bobblehead dolls that will definitely make them laugh.

10) Custom Wooden Photo Frame

Let’s face it, store-bought photo frames are incredibly boring. So, we’ve found a great artist on Etsy (surprise, surprise) that creates wooden frames you can also engrave with a custom message.


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