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4 Ways to Maintain Senior ‘s Independence

Monday, November 26, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
senior independence

Did you know that almost 90% of families would choose to have their parent or loved one stay in their own home rather than move them to a nursing home or assisted living facility? Although the demand for caregivers and homecare is on the rise, one of the most important things we must remember are how important maintaining senior’s independence.

Helping your love one or client age in place as a caregiver while maintaining their independence can seem difficult, but it isn’t impossible! In fact, here are a few ways you can help!

1. Safety First!

The most serious cause of injury are due to falls inside the home, which lead to serious injuries such as broken bones, as we become much more susceptible to fractures as we age. This can lead to a need for a hip replacement, knee replacement as well as other chronic illnesses due to the fracture. Yes! It’s true. Yet you have the ability to prevent such an injury by literally “fall-proofing” your client’s home! Check out this great checklist by the CDC on how you can reduce the risk of falls around the house!

2. Get a fresh start!

Sometimes, besides cleaning, detoxing your home by removing clutter and items you don’t need can instill a new sense of freedom and clarity. Try doing this with your client or loved one, especially if they’ve expressed a need to re-organize or like to help you with cleaning or other chores around the house. By doing this, you help maintain senior independence and allow your loved ones or client to take back control in their home, something they’ll be extremely grateful for.

3. Take advantage of technology

Thanks to new devices like iPhones, iPads, touch-screen TV’s and computers, and of course, user-friendly home security devices, you can help your loved one retain not only their independence, but also monitor their health, learn new things, and stay in touch with almost anyone around the world. You can also gift your loved one or client a new Google Home Hub or Facebook Portal, some of the latest hands-free video calling devices, for the holidays!

4. Be empathetic

To be autonomous means that you can control your own decisions, which is one of the key aspects of maintaining your independence. Seniors find this critical, as they had spent nearly their entire life making their own choices. Put yourself in their shoes, and notice ways that you can let them have a say in whatever important decision you’d like to make on their behalf. Whether it be financial decisions, or even something as simple as making a grocery list together, never assume that your help in making these decisions isn’t hurting them!


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