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4 Ways to Help Clients Stay Healthy This Fall

4 Ways to Help Clients Stay Healthy This Fall | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Eat more pumpkin!

This fall, do more than just decorate jack-o-lanterns with your client. Pumpkin pulp and seeds carry significant vitamins and minerals that are amazing for your health, including vitamins A and C, and phytosterols, which help lower cholesterol. You can either prepare dishes with fresh pumpkins, or buy pre-cut pumpkin and canned pumpkin puree and seeds to make soups, pies, and add to salads and other amazing dishes. You can replace

Beware of fall flu season

Just as flu season can hit hard in the spring when the weather isn’t necessary hot or cold, seniors can become susceptible to flu in the fall as temperatures fluctuate. Be sure that you check the weather each day to help your clients dress appropriately, and if you find that it is getting too cool outside to continue using A/C in their home, be sure to turn it off at night and on rainy days.

Moderate your sweets

The kids aren’t the only ones that enjoy sweets around Halloween. Between this favorite holiday,Thanksgiving, and other religious holidays like Rosh Hashanah, fall is a season filled with desserts, candies, and comfort food that is likely to end up as unhealthy body fat. Don’t let the work you did this summer staying active and eating healthier foods go to waste, and look up ways to make your favorite fall desserts with healthier alternatives like Stevia instead of sugar, greek yogurt instead of heavy cream, and more!

Eat more fall veggies

If you’ve never grown your own vegetables, you may be surprised to learn that countless crops are only in season in the fall and winter, which means that they are healthiest, like cauliflower, broccoli, purple carrots, radish, spinach, kale and garlic. Read up on more crops that you can plant and grow yourself here, and be sure to buy them at the farmer’s market when you can!


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