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4 Easy Ways For Caregivers To Feel More Energized!

4 Easy Ways For Caregivers To Feel More Energized! | Euro-American Homecare

It’s no surprise that caregivers need energy. Between assisting your client with basic tasks like cooking and possibly cleaning, as well as keeping them company, keeping them active, and making sure they are as engaged as possible, finding unique ways to keep that energy up can be a struggle. Here are four ways to rev those engines and boost your overall health in the meantime!

Go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier – Studies have shown that we actually need between 7-8 hours of sleep each night, which may be far more than you’re actually used to getting. Personally, many caregivers we know are prone to getting only 5-6 hours of sleep, which is pushing it, especially for individuals in such a demanding profession.

If you use an iPhone, activate the “Bedtime” timer that allows you to set your ideal bedtime and wake-up time depending on the hours of sleep you’d like to get. The timer will alert you an hour before you should go to bed, and wake you up with a relaxing melody so you can adjust your internal “clock” and get an amazing night’s rest!

Eat a wholesome breakfast

And by this we mean more than a yogurt and coffee. Out of all of your meals, breakfast is the most important – don’t forget it! A healthy breakfast rich in fiber, protein and calcium will provides the body with critical nutrients that will slowly release energy that will fuel you until it’s time for lunch, so if you hate feeling groggy in the morning and feel as if you’re starving when lunch comes around, this is why! Try adjusting your sleep schedule so you can wake up and have time to not just get ready, but sit down and have a great breakfast.

Watch the coffee and drink more water

Did you know that coffee can keep you running up to 6 hours after you drink it? That means that if you drink coffee later in the afternoon, say after 2 pm, you will most likely have difficulty falling asleep. Do your body and favor and try taking a break from coffee. While it may be difficult to kick coffee to the curb at the beginning given the addictive effects of coffee (which is why you may get headaches on days when you don’t drink it) it will save you hours of restlessness when you should be recharging and relaxing. Replace it with more cups of water, as staying hydrated automatically boosts energy. Our tip – whenever you have a headache or are feeling irritable, drink more water! You’re most likely just dehydrated.

Do a brief workout

Whenever you have time, even 10 minutes, force yourself to do a short workout. There are some that you can even do with your client from the comfort of a chair! Exercise isn’t just great for keeping your heart rate up and staying in shape. In fact, it has been shown to boost dopamine – the happiness chemical – in the brain, and improve energy levels all around. It’s no wonder that when you’re feeling happy or get some good news, you suddenly get that boost of energy!

It is so easy to watch that extra episode of your favorite box set when you know you should be going to sleep. You know that going to bed early would be the best idea but you just can’t bring yourself to turn it off.

This is because we have entered a gratification cycle. By going on social media sites, we are getting what’s known as dopamine hits. This is from consuming short bursts of content. This makes it harder for us to put down that technology.

The blue light found in these devices also suppresses melatonin, a hormone that helps control our sleep and wake cycles. Our cortisol hormone levels then increase, which make it harder for us to get to sleep.

As a result, in the morning, you find yourself pressing snooze because you’ve only had 6 hours sleep or less. Well, don’t give in to temptation.


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