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4 Nourishing Breakfast Ideas You Need to Try

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Banana Split Oatmeal

Bananas provide a healthy boost of potassium, which is a type of mineral and electrolyte that helps regulate fluid levels in the body. In addition to heart-healthy oatmeal, this recipe also calls for frozen yogurt, which you can replace with greek yogurt if you prefer!

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A frittata is a thicker type of fried, quiche-like omelette that originated in Italy. This recipes includes protein-rich and low calorie ground turkey, onion and garlic, the superfood kale, and plenty of eggs, and cook slowly in a skillet medium and low heat by following this recipe! Avoid adding too much salt, and feel free to add more vegetables to make this frittata even richer!

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Three-Bean Salad

If you aren’t a fan of eating meats, yogurt or even eggs in the morning, a great way to get get in some protein to start your day is beans! Whether it be Mexican-style cooked black beans, or simple canned beans, this three-bean salad is a sure upgrade that is not only super easy to prepare, but that can be stored in the refrigerator and enjoyed throughout the week. For this recipe, all you’ll need are cans of kidney, garbanzo and white beans (but feel free to add more) and store-bought Italian dressing. We recommend using a homemade dressing like this one to mix int as a healthier alternative.

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Spinach and Bacon Quiche Cups

Now these quiche cups make for an amazing breakfast on the go! All you need is a muffin tin to make these babies. While you can replace the bacon and add ham, turkey or any other protein source, you can absolutely keep them vegetarian and add not only spinach, but chopped broccoli, kale, and even sweet potato!

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