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Our First Hospice Training at Euro-American!

Our First Hospice Training at Euro-American! | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

On Thursday, July 26th, we were honored to have our own Muza Gornostaeva host a new second training session for our caregivers at our offices in Berlin! This time, we introduced the necessary skills and qualifications to work as a hospice caregiver.

Hospice, also known as end of life care, is offered to elderly individuals with less than six months to live who need constant physical and emotional support. It can also be offered to an individual of any age with a terminal illness, like cancer, for example.

The most important thing to recognize in hospice is that patients deserve respect. They deserve to maintain a degree of independence and dignity in their last few months of life.

Given this, caregivers are expected to provide outstanding care, and be aware of the balance they must maintain between providing 24/7 care, and looking out for their emotional well-being, self-esteem and above all, comfort.

Hospice is available to patients if two physicians, as required by Medicare, determine that the individual has less than six months to live depending on their illness. Patients do need to be reassessed from time to time to make sure they can continue receiving care. Care includes at-home care, assistance with medications, cooking and cleaning, personal hygiene, and more.

Caregivers can be introduced to hospice by working for an agency that offers in-home hospice care, or at a nursing home or other hospice facility such as an assisted living facility. Other options include hospice at a hospital, for example, yet the most common place to is the home.

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