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Meet Oksana, our October Caregiver of Month

Meet Oksana, our October Caregiver of Month | Euro-American Homecare

Congratulations to our 2017 October Caregiver of the Month, Oksana Rozhdestvenskaya! Check out some highlights from her interview with our team!

Where do you live?

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Oksana works in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and has been working with EACH since December 2016. She splits her time living in Massachusetts and Jacksonville, Florida.


What led you to become a caregiver?

It is Oksana’s nature to take care of people, she says. She’s worked at hospitals throughout her life, in New Jersey and Oklahoma. She studied nursing in Russia, and once she became a certified caregiver in the United States, used her knowledge in medicine to help everyone she worked with, from patients to doctors and everyone in between.


What are some fun things you like to do with your clients?

Nothing makes Oksana’s clients happier than when she drives them around their neighborhood. Among many other activities, she likes singing and playing bingo with her clients. She likes introducing healthy foods to her clients – especially different soups!


What is a memorable story you can share about a client?

Oksana recalls a client she had a few years back that was 99 years old, yet didn’t seem a day over 60. She adored her positive outlook on life, and they’d often look through photo albums together to show Oksana her family and amazing life experiences. Oksana was so impressed with how engaged she was for her age.


What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

Oksana loves making friends and loves seeing that her work is appreciated. For example, she once received a letter from a client’s daughter who wrote, “I felt like an angel came into our lives.” This client also noted that she considered Oksana a sister when they would both take care of her mom, and that her outgoing personality helped her mom make new friends! Oksana also enjoys having conversations with the elderly because they have so much knowledge and experience.

What are some of your hobbies?

When she’s not working, Oksana enjoys spending time at her country house where she can really relax. She also likes embroidery, reading, and sight-seeing and traveling. She used to work as a geographic economist in Russia’s diplomatic offices, and as a result has traveled quite a bit in her life.


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