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4 Assistive Technologies Your Loved One Needs

4 Assistive Technologies Your Loved One Needs | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

From the Apple iWatch to countless other gadgets you’ve been seeing lately, there are so many great devices that you should check out to increase your loved one’s (and your own) safety! You may have heard of some of these before, but here are a few created with your senior loved one in mind!


PERS Devices

You have definitely seen that commercial, although dramatic, with the famous tagline: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Despite the jokes, it’s a serious issue that elderly people are much more susceptible to falls in and around their home. Wearable devices like these called personal emergency response system (PERS) let them call for help in the instance of a fall, or any other type of emergency. Consider it!



Telehealth is 24/7 access to a doctor or healthcare professional that you can access from a phone or video monitoring device. You can set up this access with your doctor or homecare agency who can recommends various services. Whether you need to talk or text, this helps loved ones access care from the comfort of their own home.


Help with medications

Did you know that there are technologies that remind both yourself and loved one to take their medications and dispense the right dosage? These devices can also notify caregivers if they haven’t been taken, which is awesome! Talk to your agency about where you can find such devices!


Fall-prevention lighting

Now this is a genius tip. Do you worry about your loved one having trouble finding the bathroom at night? Do you have trouble falling asleep knowing that they may need to get up at night and risk falling? Now, there are special motion-sensor mats that signal for the lights to turn on and guide your loved one to the bathroom. These “pressure mats” can be placed next to their bed, and provide an easy way to protect your loved one from falls at night. It also allows them to retain their independence.


There are many other Inexpensive Independent living aids that you can try. Here’s a list of just a few:

  1. For the kitchen:
  • Easy-to-grip silverware, self-opening scissors, and plate guards

2) For the bedroom:

  • Bed bars, easy-to-install night lights and rope lights
  • To dress: zipper-pulls and button hooks
  • Motion sensors

3) For the bathroom:

  • Toilet risers, extra-grip shower and bath mats, shower seats


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