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Our Summer Bucket List for Caregivers

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
Our Summer Bucket List for Caregivers | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

You don’t have to tell us…summer is the season for escaping your daily routine. But for a caregiver, that’s easier said than done. Between working with two or more clients each day, going on short excursions with your client, and handling the daily to-do’s like driving clients to doctor’s appointments and cooking while its 90 degrees or over, we realize it’s tough to plan some “me” time for yourself.

Here is a summer bucket list designed to help you get the most out of the summer:

1)  Read 3 books

It’s difficult to fit in some time to read on a daily basis (we know!) This summer, inspire yourself to slow down a bit and plan to read three of the books you’ve been dying to read. If you’re looking for recommendations – we got you!

2)  Get creative!

Besides taking care of your lawn and garden in your downtime this summer, take a trip to the craft store and invest in a few paints or colored pencils, a coloring book and/or canvas. Next, set up a patio chair and table for yourself and sketch or paint away! Many museums in Hartford and around Connecticut offer free “drop-in” painting or drawing classes, and don’t forget your local Jo-Ann fabrics to try your hand at learning how to sew, or learn a new sewing skill!

3)  Go on an adventure together!

While your client may not be able to do everything on your summer bucket list, sit down together one afternoon and make a fun “Summer Saturday” plan, including easy activities to beat the summer heat! If you’ll need a car, look up some tips on safe traveling for disabled or mobility challenged clients, pack a picnic and plenty of water and sunscreen, and bombs away!

4)  Visit a spa

While we all love a good trip to the beach or lake to relax, unwind, and get some color, make sure you book some time to get pampered this summer! There are plenty of nail salons, hair salons and hotel spas in Connecticut that offer much more than a blow, cut and dry. Whether you’re looking for a good massage, anti-aging facial, or therapeutic sauna and hot tub day, book it now. Don’t wait to put yourself first! J Check out this list of top rated ….


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