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5 Ways to Say Hello to Spring!

Monday, May 7, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
5 Ways to Say Hello to Spring! | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Alas, the warm weather and springtime is finally here. A time for fresh starts, fresh goals, and helloooo fresh new spring wardrobe!

Here are a few ways we love to welcome and embrace the new season and make the most of that fresh start:

1. Declutter your life

Spring has sprung, but we’re never ready to kick it into high gear unless we deep clean our office and homes and start with a clean slate. Get organized, and start off your spring cleaning now!



2. Donate!

If you have clothing left over from the winter, and clothes and shoes you’re prepping for the spring and summer months ahead that you simply won’t want to wear anymore, donate them to a local Salvation Army!


3. Nourish your body and soul

It’s time to forget about those decadent, winter-appropriate meals and lighten up! The next time you go grocery shopping, put a healthy twist on your weekly meal prep and fill up your shopping cart with mostly fresh fruits and vegetables to make some energizing smoothies, refreshing and nutrient-rich salads, and nourishing vegetable-based soups and pasta dishes.


4. New wardrobe

As much as we all like to live on a budget when it comes to shopping for ourselves, treat yourself to an updated wardrobe this spring (you deserve it!) From a new pair of walking shoes that you can wear to work and while out on the town, to a great sundress that would go great with your favorite sunglasses, don’t forget to invest in your appearance and your self-confidence.

5. Live for the weekend

There’s nothing more fun than making plans with your loved ones and friends when the days get longer, and the warm spring air gets us moving. Find some fun things to do together, like hiking, rooftop bar hopping, outdoor yoga, paint classes and wine tasting excursions. Better yet, try one thing you’ve never done before each time you make plans.


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