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5 Senior Style Icons to Get Inspired By

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
5 Senior Style Icons to Get Inspired By | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

It’s true that fashion never goes out of style, and these seniors we’re about to present to you below have lived their lives by this message. Whether or not you or your loved one care so much for the clothes or fashion, we’re sure this post will get you inspired to embrace your individuality. Check out these fashion-forward seniors that Vogue agrees, “what real style looks like.”


Iris Apfel

96 years old, inspired a fashion revolution with her love of quirky, oversized accessories like necklaces, bangles, jackets and of course sunglasses. Iris started out as a model, and turned to fashion design given her love for interior design and traveling the world. She’s well known for her use of exotic jewelry. Check out this post with photos of Iris’ New York apartment!


Beatrix Ost

Beatrix Ost is an artist, peace ambassador, dancer and serious fashion icon that became known for her fashion through the social media platform Instagram! Check out this great profile and more photos of Beatrix here!



Jenny Kee  

Jenny Kee is an Australian designer famous for her quirky style and vision.  She’s known for her love of color, patterns and prints and sweaters. Her style signatures? A pixie cut, red glasses and red lipstick. Check out her designs here!


Daphne Selfe 

Sheolds the title for world’s oldest professional model, (since 1949, wow!) and continues to model and teach other models the craft to this day. Check out her Instagram and her amazing selfies.  Check out her website for more photos!


Jesse, style icon

Now this is a beautiful story. This man’s grandson Jesse was inspired to give his grandfather who had worked hard his entire life as a farmer in extremely rural conditions. Jesse, who has taken to the internet to share his grandfather’s new look, is “hoping that others will be inspired to spend more time with their family, ‘especially the older generation who deserve to be rewarded for their past struggles.’ Click here to explore more photos!


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