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Out of The Box DIY Activities and Crafts

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
Out of The Box DIY Activities and Crafts | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Thanks to What’s Up Moms, and other great YouTubers, we’ve compiled videos of some amazing (and simple), DIY projects that you, your client, and of course your kids and grandchildren, can use to create and enjoy together.

Stone Art

We’re sure you and your client enjoy spending some time outdoors, and perhaps love to garden! This video puts a fun, artsy spin on outdoor finds, like rocks and stones. Just grab some paints, permanent markers, and smooth stones of all shapes and sizes. Soon, you’ll be able to decorate your garden or flower patch with some beautiful hand-painted rocks!  

DIY Flower Vase

These painted vases look great on their own, but also filled with fresh wildflowers, roses, or faux flowers that you can switch out depending on the occasion or season. Try making a few today!

DIY Oil Diffuser

Looking to get your home to smell fresh and clean, but without the harmful synthetic chemicals in air fresheners and plug-in diffusers? Look no further than this awesome video.

Flower crown

Spring is known for weddings, communions, music festivals, and more, all which wouldn’t be complete without a flower crown (or several!) Flower crowns are beautiful to wear, and keep as decorations in the home, and are super easy to customize. Just grab some wire, favorite flowers and ribbons, and get started!

DIY Sensory Slime!

Play dough, slime, bubble wrap…anything that feels great, and makes funny sounds, is a great go-to, sensory activity for children, adults and seniors alike! Here’s a great video on making your very own batch of fluffy slime that you and your client can make and enjoy playing with together.


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