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Famous Caregivers Who’ve Made a Difference

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
Famous Caregivers Who've Made a Difference | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Caregiving isn’t a career, it’s a lifestyle. It truly does take a special kind of person to pursue caregiving as a profession.

Yet millions of people around the world have this job thrust upon them at some point in time. Whether it’s a parent whose condition is worsening because of Alzheimer’s or dementia, or a sick child at home, each of us will have to be a caregiver at least once in our lives.

Celebrities and famous people throughout history are no exception.

Here are just a few:

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa dedicated her life to helping others and teaching others that the true value of life comes with caring for others. She was also a huge advocate for remembering our elders who are often forgotten, and always said that the worst suffering anyone can go through is loneliness.


Anne Sullivan

While the name Anne Sullivan may not ring a bell, you surely remember the name Helen Keller. Sullivan is famous for being Helen Keller’s caregiver, a brilliant woman who lost her hearing and sight that developed after being struck with scarlet fever. Sullivan cared for Keller since childhood, and eventually taught her how to read braille, then speak, and is famous for helping her write her autobiography.


Eleanor Roosevelt

After Franklin Roosevelt suffered from an attack of polio, Roosevelt was in desperate need of assistance since he became paralyzed after the incident. Roosevelt bravely embraced her role as a dedicated wife and mother and ended up taking on several key responsibilities as First Lady in addition to caring for her husband. She is now known as one of the most famous caregivers and advocates for the disabled.


Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen has become a huge advocate for caregivers and Alzheimer’s awareness after his mother-in-law was diagnosed. He and his wife Lauren founded the Hilarity for Charity organization to raise money for those diagnosed, and for the caregivers that are in need of resources, education and support. 


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