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6 Ways Butter Can Improve Your Health

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
6 Ways Butter Can Improve Your Health | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Butter (and yes, we mean the real thing) has been used for centuries. Yet it’s been victimized in recent years, often due to the fact that many spreads or butter imitations are actually much more harmful to you than the real thing. When used in moderation, however, butter can be extremely good for you, and should remain a staple in your diet!

Whether you use it as a cooking or baking staple, or to flavor your breakfast toast or popcorn, here are a few fun facts to read up on about the benefits of butter.

1.) It strengthens your immune system!

Carotene, a nutrient found in butter, provides your body with antioxidants and improves Vitamin A levels in the body to boost your immune system. Seniors are especially in need of immune boosters, so stock up!

2.) Improves heart and eye health

Butter contains healthy cholesterol like lipoprotein cholesterol, which has been shown to prevent heart disease and stroke. Beta-carotene in butter protects your eyes and may prevent the most common eye disease in seniors: cataracts and macular degeneration.

3.) Gastrointestinal boosts

Butter is made of up fatty acids that literally act like a shield for your cells whenever your body is attacked by a bacterial infection. Who knew!?

4.) Cancer fighter

Butter promotes a process called apoptosis, which drives vitamins to the immune system and in turn aids in the destruction of cells in tumors.

5.) Thyroid booster

Butter is rich in Vitamin A, which promotes endocrine health by regulating hormones.

6.) Bone and joint help

Butter is rich in other vitamins and minerals like zinc, manganese, copper, and more of course, but these key minerals both protect and stimulate bone health and regrowth which will protect you from worsening osteoporosis and arthritis.

Are you a fan of butter, or do you use alternatives like spreads? Be sure to switch to natural butter spreads and sticks to reap the benefits of this tasty kitchen staple!


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