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3 Cutting-Edge Ways To Care For Your Heart

3 Cutting-Edge Ways To Care For Your Heart | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among Americans. Yet thanks to advances and improvements in medical technologies and nifty tools like a simple iPhone app, we can slowly change the outcome of this devastating illness for Americans of all ages nationwide. Read up on the below to get more insight on the promising future of heart health, and what you can do to care for your heart and your loved one’s life.


1.) Mobile apps

There are countless mobile apps out there help patients do anything from tracking changes to their heart rate, and even their risk of developing heart disease in general! The American College of Cardiology developed their own app that gives healthcare workers working with cardiovascular patients access to images of what their specific heart condition looks like, and more importantly, how to explain the condition to their patient. Nothing can prepare you or a loved one for the news that you may need open-heart surgery, but thanks to apps and services like these, it will become much easier to bear the news and get through the process with minimal stress.


2.) New procedures

Technology is amazing, and what’s even more amazing is that it has the power to save lives, especially when it comes to patient care and heart surgeries. Various complex surgeries and cardiovascular procedures have been revolutionized thanks to research and ultra-precise robotic technologies, like a TAVR, a procedure where a faulty heart valve is replaced with a tube that meets the heart and artery in either your arm or chest. When in doubt, be sure to read up on the latest procedures and hospitals offering various treatments and procedures that might be the best, most advanced solution for your loved one.


3.) On the go tools

The most exciting way to literally get a head start on your heart health is by investing in a pedometer, Apple iWatch, FitBit and countless other wearable fitness devices that can transform the way you and your client invest precious time each day to work up a sweat and in turn, energize your heart. These devices will not only motivate you both, but help you track your progress for not just yourselves, but for your doctors as well.


Do you have a go-to routine when it comes to caring for your heart and circulation? Comment below!  


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