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What Learning a New Instrument Can Do For Your Brain

What Learning a New Instrument Can Do For Your Brain | Euro-American Homecare

Let’s break down the “how’s and the why’s” behind how learning a new instrument can boost your brain power for life!

Thanks to studies and researchers at places like the Auditory Neuroscience Lab at Northwestern University, we have all the facts about how learning an instrument, reading music and performing music at any age can dramatically improve your emotional and mental health and of course, fight the aging process…

“Learning an instrument and improving on your musical ability has shown to increase electrical signals in the brain”.

Just as your brain grew both in size and ability when you were growing up and you learned how to speak and read, learning how to read music and play a tune can mirror the same benefits. The brain is very adaptable and, like we always say, is always changing because we are constantly processing new information and learning.  


“Just like listening to music can bring joy, so does learning an instrument and performing a song you’ve learned!”

If you or your client like to sing, this is very similar! It is great to realize that you can perform or carry a tune or song. It’s like learning a famous poem by heart, knowing a specific dance, and countless other creative talents humans have embraced. It makes you feel proud of your accomplishment, which leads to fulfillment and happiness. 

Playing an instrument can lead to an increased blood flow to the brain, and the entire body, strengthening it (increased blood flow brings oxygen to the entire body) which can aid it in faster recovery from illness, chronic pain, and more! Just like exercising for 30 minutes a day can increase blood flow, spending some time learning a few notes on the piano or guitar can give your body the fuel it needs.


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