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How To Improve Your Loved One’s Hospital Stay

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
How To Improve Your Loved One’s Hospital Stay | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Your day as a caregiver is usually spent in your client’s home, driving a client around to appointments, shopping and dining and everything in between. Yet there may come a time when your client may need to go to the hospital for a necessary operation or in case of any possible medical emergency. It may be inevitable in some cases, which  means you should be as prepared as possible. Here are a few of our most valuable tips for improving the quality of their stay, and promoting a fast recovery.


Bring a piece of home

Bring something from home that will comfort them, like a favorite blanket, stuffed animal and even bouquet of flowers you can decorate their room with. Hospitals tend to be cold, so be sure to bring an extra blanket that they’ll love. When you’re visiting, you can even bring along a beautiful scented candle to light while you’re spending time together. Other things include a journal, book and album of their family’s most recent photos.


Daily visits

Be sure that you coordinate daily visits with your client’s family. There’s nothing worse than being on your own, even for a day or two, during a long stay at the hospital. YOu may think your loved one needs rest to recover, which is very important, but realize their need for emotional support. Patients who surround themselves with family and friends, positivity are bound to have a faster recovery.


Restful Sleep

Resting is key to a quick recovery as well, but be aware of the bed your loved one has been placed in. Is it comfortable? Does it provide extra padding? IF your loved one needs to remain in bed, try purchasing an air mattress topper or ask for a softer mattress to prevent bed sores. A stiff hospital bed can also lead to irritability and loss of sleep, so the more comfortable your loved one is while they sleep, the quicker they’ll recover.

Meaningful gifts

A sentiment such as a card, balloons and flowers are beautiful . But try to invest more time in choosing a gift that will improve their mood and keep their hands and mind busy while they resk. Some ideas we always suggest are adult coloring books, crossword puzzles, games you can play together, and of course movies you can watch on a portable DVD player or laptop. Try to shower them with less gifts, and more activities that will give them chances to have a fun, productive day or experience while in the hospital.



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