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7 Steps to Effective Diabetes Care

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
7 Steps To Effective Diabetes Care | Euro-American Homecare

While some of this information may seem common knowledge, encouraging your client or loved one to embrace these steps is key to maintaining their health and prevent their condition to worsen or change in any drastic way.

When it comes to taking the right steps, know that you’re not alone. The United States has more than 26 people suffering from diabetes, and a whopping 86 million are at risk. Not only does that mean that there is a vast network of support networks and educational programs to help the caregivers care for clients with diabetes, but that the outlook of our own generation developing diabetes will only worsen if we don’t improve our own daily habits, like diet and exercise, stress management, and more.

Here are 7 ways to “self-manage” your loved one’s health, and how you can help rewrite the terrible story of diabetes in America:

1. Eat healthy!

There’s nothing we stress more to families and caregivers than the importance of maintaining a healthy, wholesome diet together with the client or loved one. We are what we eat, and thanks to the wealth of information at our fingertips about the healthiest meal plans, fruits and vegetables that lower blood pressure, reduce stress etc, there’s no excuse not to make some significant changes to our diet once and for all.


2. Medication management  

Some medications are simply necessary, especially for clients with Type 2 or 3 diabetes, but knowing exactly what the medication does and whether or not it can actually be taken with any other medication daily can literally save your client’s life. Take some time out of your day to call their doctor or do some research about what the medications they take should be doing, lower blood sugar, what the side effects are and more.


3. Get that heart rate up!

Not to sound like a broken record, but getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity (besides your daily routine of walking around a client’s house, walking up and down stairs etc.) that will increase your heart rate and allow you and the client to work up a sweat is key to a healthy life. Exercise in diabetes patients reduces their cholesterol levels, improves mood immediately and of course, aids in weight loss. It’s a win-win, proven way to fight disease and effects of aging. You have one body – use it!


4. Monitor constantly

Get yourself and your client on an effective daily monitoring schedule to check up on blood sugar levels, inspecting their feet and skin condition and of course checking in with their doctor or specialist.


5. Think ahead and always be proactive!

The easiest way to reduce the risk of complications from having diabetes is to be proactive when anything seems strange, or causes any reason for your loved one to worry or become less willing to do their favorite everyday activities. Anything that seems “off” can be a sign of a complication, so always stay alert.


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