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Our 10 Resolutions for Caregivers for 2018

Thursday, January 18, 2018 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
Our 10 Resolutions for Caregivers for 2018 | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

This year, we wanted to make sure we dedicated ourselves to our caregivers’ wellbeing more than ever! Make sure you share this with one another, whether it’s through email or Facebook, and when you get a chance, make a list of your own resolutions. We’d love to hear some of them! Let’s make this the best one yet!

  1. Make time to care for yourself

We often speak to our caregivers about their own futures, and it’s not surprising that many can develop illnesses over time that result in them needing their own caregivers. One of the easiest ways to avoid this is to take extra care of how much sleep you’re getting, your diet, and of course, making time to exercise often.

2.) Set boundaries

Another thing we value is making sure our caregivers pay attention to are their schedules. Whether you’re a live-in caregiver, or a workday or night shifts, make sure you are planning our weeks accordingly to make sure you prioritize your own needs. Breakfast, lunch dinner, and of course, picking up groceries, laundry, and our favorite, “me-time”.

3.) Hold others accountable

Always remember that you are never alone. Caregiving can take a huge toll, both physical and mental, on a caregiver. No matter how rewarding it can be, you should never be ashamed of reaching out to others if it gets to the point of being overwhelming. Caregivers should rely on their family, friends, and a team of care coordinators like those at Euro-American to assist with anything.

4.) Me Time

This is by far our most favorite resolution and something you should make into a habit for yourself if you haven’t already. Make sure that you literally write this into your journal or planner. Whether it’s a bath, an hour of exercise or meditation, or even treating yourself to a massage twice a year, caring for yourself is critical to fighting stress and eve depression.

5.) Meditate

Speaking of meditation, try your hand at it! Besides meditating in a traditional sense, such as during yoga, there are so many ways to reflect on your current situation and calm your mind. Some common ways to do so are to sit in silence, as well as practice mindfulness, or simply living in the moment. We are big fans of using apps such as these in our recent blog.

6.) Find an exercise buddy

While you may try exercising with your client, make sure you are doing workouts that are fun and uplifting that you can do outside of work hours. Our tip? Find someone to go to the gym with, run or walk with, and even go hiking within your spare time.

7.) Research long-term care insurance

While your client may already take advantage of this, take some time to do your research in case you yourself may need care in the future. Even if you don’t develop a disease such as Alzheimer’s, having someone to assist in daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning bathing and staying social are irreplaceable daily activities that help you hold onto to your independence.

8.) Reconnect with old friends

If you work as a caregiver full-time, you know how hard it can be to meet up with or even make a phone call to your relatives and friends who live far away. Make this a year you change this, and prioritize making more meaningful connections with one another. Whether it’s Facebook or email, or of course booking that long overdue flight, make an effort to  They’re all we got.

9.) Offer your skills to others

Being a caregiver brings great benefits, joy, and of course, an experience you would never get from any other job. Don’t forget that in addition to your client, there are hundreds of people out there in need of a helping hand. Try volunteering at local shelters or attend support groups to offer up your skills to not just senior clients, but people of all ages, such as troubled teens who may benefit from your perspective.

10.) Worry less.

If you’re already stressing about the new year, remember this: everything that comes your way can be changed by how you choose to experience it. Your mindset is everything. Be sure to work on your anxiety and fear of anything that may come your way this year, and know that as long as you work with Euro-American, we’ve got you covered. 🙂


Happy New Year!


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