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5 Best Christmas Ad Campaigns of 2017!

Friday, December 22, 2017 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
5 Best Christmas Ad Campaigns of 2017! | Euro-American Homecare

If you’re a fan of cozying up to holiday movies each year, it’s a given that any ad you see during the holidays, like any great film or show, can stay in your memories forever, and really get you in the Christmas spirit. In honor of last year’s blog, we decided to choose our favorite holiday ads and commercials featuring families from across the globe (including seniors)! Enjoy!

“R+S” by Toyota

This commercial follows two older children who throw an amazing, heartwarming surprise for their parents, whose favorite tree had to be cut down that had been in their family for generations. All with the help of a Toyota truck, tree in tow, the family creates a keepsake that moves their parents to tears. Watch it now to see what they create!


“Secret Santa” by Farmers

This British delivery service follows the story of an older man who lives next door to a young couple and their two children, a young boy and newborn baby. While the man seems to have quite a problem with the noise and ruckus as he observes the family through his window, he has a change of heart, and relates to his own days of bringing up children. Soon enough, he begins to bring over gifts to help make the parents’ lives easier, and teaches them the true meaning of the holidays.


“The Greatest Gift” by Glade

This heartwarming ad is a must see. The commercial sets the scene with two neighboring houses, where a young couple lives across from an older man who has lost his wife. While the young couple happily embraces the Christmas spirit, the young woman notices that there are no decorations in the older man’s home, and decides to surprise him while he is away. What comes next will surely bring you to tears.


“The Surprise” by Publix

This ad really embraces all of our favorite things…a big family get-together on Christmas Day, everyone chipping in to help setting the table, mom in the kitchen preparing dinner with the kids, and so much more. But what really sets the cherry on top is the little boy who decides to do something special for a single elderly woman who lives nearby. Watch this one now, and see just how just a simple invitation to Christmas can make all the difference.


“Paddington & The Christmas Visitor” by M&S

This one is just adorable. If you and your loved one haven’t seen (or read) any stories about Paddington the Bear, be sure to do so. This Christmas ad for British store chain M&S tells a beautifully animated story of Paddington and his wish to help Santa with Christmas this year. Check it out!


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