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The Surprising Benefits of Nordic Walking Poles

The Surprising Benefits of Nordic Walking Poles | Homecare4U

Nordic walking poles. What are they, and why do you need them? We’ve all seen them, and whether or not you or your loved own has a pair, we bet you’ve always wondered: what and how exactly are these so popular right now?

The history of nordic walking spans back to the 1960s in Finland, where the most popular sport there, skiing, influenced this walking style and caused the ski pole to be adapted as a helpful tool during summer training months and amongst amateur athletes and walkers of all ages.

While walking is a great form of exercise on its own, especially for seniors, did you know just how many benefits adding nordic walks poles can add? Here are just a few reasons why nordic walking poles deserve to be called the “next big thing”:



Nordic walking poles are basically like adjustable ski poles and are obviously used while walking to help keep one stable while moving as many parts of the body as possible. They’re also great for while keeping you propped up, allowing you to take larger strides forward without losing your balance and risking a fall.


Calorie Burner

Ski poles and cross-country ski poles provide skiers with stability, but also with an extra tool to direct where the skier is going. The arms are always activated, even when they slightly touch the ground, which explains why someone walking with nordic walking poles can burn 50% more calories per minute than the average walker. Good stuff, right?


Muscle endurance

Considered both an aerobic and anaerobic workout (which means that it works your heart and muscles), nordic walking can help seniors activate each and every muscle in their body far beyond the leg muscles. If you take up walking with nordic pools, you can work the back muscles, butt muscles, biceps and triceps, pecs, and pelvic muscles, all of which are super important to a condition as often as you can.


BMI Blaster

Not only will nordic walking help you keep up with a healthy, and not to mention easy fitness routine, it can significantly lower your overall body mass index. Your body mass index (or BMI), is a simple ratio of your body fat and overall weight compared to your height that helps nutritionists and doctors keep track of how much weight you should maintain to stay healthy and strong!

Getting social

Nordic walking continues to gain popularity around the world, which means that more often than not, you’re likely to find a walking club or group of friends that may be interested in forming one with you! Did you know that studies have shown people who exercise in groups exercise more effectively and manage to work up the endurance to work out longer than they would by themselves?

Even if you might think it looks a bit funny, don’t hesitate in introducing this extremely popular new form of exercise that will leave you with a toned physique and a very happy heart. So take it from us and add Nordic walking poles to you and our loved one’s holiday gift list!


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