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Your November Caregiver Game Plan

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Happy November! As we wrap up our Halloween festivities, it’s so important that you recharge and refresh to prepare for the busy holiday season filled with multiple appointments, changes to schedules and client assignments. We especially like to make sure that the transition into the holiday season is comfortable for our caregivers and clients, and wanted to prepare a “game plan” for our caregivers to motivate and inspire you each and every day!

Here is your caregiver game plan to power you through November!

Monday – But first, breakfast

As it gets colder, you should treat yourself to a delicious warm breakfast each and every day as we dive into the holidays. Try making a plan for yourself to get up a bit earlier than usual to prepare you and your client’s favorite breakfast on Mondays, like fresh pancakes with fruit, egg and cheese omelette, oatmeal topped with cinnamon and bananas – whatever your heart desires! Not only will you start off your day better, but will motivate you to treat yourself each and every day.

Tuesday – Get moving!

The best way to stay motivated after getting through your Monday is to get moving (trust us!) Try watching a quick workout video on YouTube at home (it’s free, and you could even have your client do some moves with you!) Not only will you feel better after fitting in a short workout into your day, but help you get stronger and help your heart and endurance – which we all need  the busy holiday season.

Wednesday – Be with your family and friends

During the holidays, it is so important that you always set some time aside to let the people who care about you know how you’re doing, and of course, see them as often as you can! Make a list of friends and family that you can count on for anything, and make plans for dinner or a hang-out at a nearby coffee shop to stay connected.

Thursday – Get creative

Ah Thursday… or Friday-eve as we like to call it! Devote your Thursdays to doing something fun and relaxing that you wouldn’t be able to do on a busier Friday night or weekend, like pulling out holiday decorations or comparing your old holiday photo albums with your client’s.   

Friday – Have a dinner date with your client

Since you may be spending the holidays apart from your client, ask your client or loved one if they would like to host a “friendsgiving” for either a group, or just the two of you to enjoy the celebrations before the big day arrives! You can prepare a turkey, apple pie and stuffing – the more options the merrier, and guess what, it’s never too early to get a head start on eating all the pumpkin-spice desserts possible!

Saturday – Go on a fall-themed excursion!

Many of us don’t necessarily make time for “me time” on the weekend…especially as we prepare for the upcoming holidays. Our advice? Embrace the weekend, and get out and enjoy all the beautiful fall foliage, fall fairs, festivals, wine tours and so much more that Connecticut has to offer. Be sure to stop and take time to take small trips either by yourself, friends or even your client to make the most of the fall season and try as many new things as possible.

Sunday – Embrace your “me time”

If you would rather do one thing on a Sunday over anything else, what would it be? Spending all day in bed reading, cooking up meals to prep for the week while listening to music, catching up on a favorite TV show? We could definitely name a few, and guess what, you deserve to do it all on Sunday! Dedicate Sundays (if possible) to recharging and relaxing yourself by doing what makes you happy.

Did you enjoy these tips, or even decide to follow the plan yourself? Comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.



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